Dynamic Discovery Series

October 15, 2017 - January 28, 2018

Goodman Community Center - 149 Waubesa St, Madison WI, 53704


for Six Sundays

Take a deep dive into the depths of you. Discover your power. Courageously sit with the uncomfortable. Be supported and loved by a group of like-minded women who are looking for more. This series is for all of our soul seeking women wanting greater fulfillment, connection and balance in their lives – right now.

When you’re hurting.

When you’re happy.

When you need peace.

When you need to riot.

We believe in channeling all parts of ourselves (mind, body and spirit) to be harmonious and grounded. Through meditation, guided visualizations and our heart-filled insight we offer a space for you to refill your spiritual reservoir. To work on you. To be patient. To show up. To expand. To unwind. Throughout this series you will begin to think differently. To stand taller. To feel powerful. To feel peace. To breathe.

How you show up and what you bring to this series is what you’ll get back. You get what you give. Karma, universal magic. We believe in it. That’s why we are committed to being useful, loud when you can’t be, soft when you can. To be still with you. To Laugh, to cry. To ask big questions. To introduce you to powerful Coaching and healing Reiki techniques. We promise to show up as our best selves.

The Dynamic Discovery Series is an investment to your wellness. Built with all of you in mind. You are worth this retreat. You are capable of this work. You are ready.

If this feels too big, take a deep breath. Ask yourself: What about this scares me?

Listen softly and compassionately to the voice within.

If it were easy to be on this path, everyone would be.

The reward is worth the discomfort or fear.

You don’t need to be saved. You have everything you need to live brighter. Let Three Seeds simply open the door for you, like our lives depend on it.